St. John’s Mission Coop appeal will once again be supporting the Soup Kitchens in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, a place and people very dear to Fr. Johnson.

You can support this great mission by donating online here or use the Mission Co-op envelope that you receive with your September envelopes. Please make your check payable to St. John’s Church. All donations will go directly to the people with no administrative costs. Thank you for your generosity!

For almost twenty years since the last of our missionaries from the Diocese of Lincoln left the parish in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, some priests and laity there have continued to support the needs of the people but donations have started to dry up. Today they support ten soup kitchens in various homes in the most needy areas of the former parish and beyond. These kitchens serve from 80 to 100 elderly, mothers, and children every other week. They also feed fifty needy children a hot breakfast each morning in one of the poorer areas. They can do the breakfasts for $60 per week for the fifty meals and the soup kitchens for $35 per week for the 80 to 100 meals.