St. John’s Capital Campaign 2024-2026


Our church and school roof had to be replaced this summer. We had no choice but to act immediately due to the age and leaks. In addition, we had to replace the lighting system in the church as the parts were no longer available to keep repairing the 40-year-old lights. The three 1958 school wings have delayed maintenance issues that are critical for our continued use.


The parish wide Strategic Plan Survey in 2022 helped us clarify our shared vision for the church and the school. Clearly, we all want an additional gathering/meeting/ministry/social space. We definitely need the space, and many people have already made contributions towards the new building. It has been a long time since we conducted a capital campaign, and our parishioners have always been generous, so these improvements seem like a realistic vision.


A parish campaign is underway to address overdue maintenance of the church and school along with the potential for a new multi-purpose facility.


Maintenance (Cherish Our Home):

  • Replacement of the roofs on the church and school

  • Installation of new lighting in the church

  • Remodeling of the 3 remaining school wings from 1958

  • Replace 20 year-old HVAC (heating and air conditioning) for our church

  • Estimated Total:   $1.5 Million

Potential New Facility (Grow Our Legacy):

  • Multi-purpose facility to increase social hall capacity, expand meeting room space for parish groups, potentially add an adoration chapel, and ensure all are closer to the church and existing parking.  This would also include remodeling our existing social hall space.

  • Estimated Total:  $6 Million

Campaign Updates



  • Pray and Discern About Your Pledge


  • Turn In A Pledge Card

      • Put your pledge card in the Mass offertory basket, parish office drop box, or mail it into our parish office

  •  Setup Your Payment(s)

      • Gifts of cash, check, debit/credit card, and non-cash gifts (stock, IRAs, etc.) are all welcome

      • You can also easily setup your gift using our secure online giving platform via the button below

      • Need reminders? No worries… just submit a pledge card with your email address and we will send you email reminders

  • Looking For Other Ways To Give To Our Capital Campaign?

      • You can donate a non-cash asset, realize a tax benefit, and leave your bank account alone.

      • St. John’s works with The Catholic Foundation of Southern Nebraska on these types of gifts.  The Foundation is not a fund-raising organization. Instead, they are an independent organization that facilitates gift-giving at no cost to you.

      • Questions? Call Chris Raun, Executive Director, The Catholic Foundation of Southern Nebraska at his direct phone: 402-488-2142 Ext. 105

Parish Campaign Information Sessions Held October 28-29

Feasibility Study – Summer 2023

A feasibility study was completed in August of 2023 in partnership with Church Development of Kansas City.  A summary of the results can be found below:

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